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Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain Honduras

The Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, S.A., is an established leader in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Numerous highly regarded and reputable physicians, surgeons, and experts from various countries have aligned and created cutting-edge treatment protocols that allow patients to improve their quality of life. From the synergy of these participants and proprietary regenerative medicine treatment protocols, GARM has been able to help numerous patients suffering from both chronic disease states and acute injuries.

Along with Hospital Cemesa, Hospital Cemesa Roatan, and UNAH, GARM enjoys synergistic relationships that provide patients with the most recent technological advances in regenerative medicine, the highest quality medical care in new, private facilities, internationally recognized physicians and surgeons, as well as ethical, well-designed clinical research.

GARM combines conventional medicine practices with the wisdom of the body’s healing capabilities. By using autologous stem cells derived from a patient’s own fat, the GARM physicians are able to customize each person’s treatment plan to maximize the number of stem cells reimplanted, and therefore, maximize patient outcomes.

In addition, the GARM Clinic offers integrative medical treatments utilizing a combination of elective services such as adult autologous stem cell and biocellular medicine treatments, immunomodulating bioenzyme systems, general medical care, basic diagnostic tests, advanced ultrasonic diagnostic imaging, non-invasive regenerative procedures, integrative medicine services, wellness services, as well as nutrition counseling with detailed, customized plans developed for each patient. These services focus on treating the entire patient, not just the disease state.

GARM’s full concierge, medical, and hospitality services are available in select resorts in Roatán, where patients and their families can be assured they are receiving the most recent advances in medical treatments leading the regenerative medicine movement in a highly advanced laboratory and treatment facility, while their loved ones enjoy the amenities and activities of the resorts and of the island.

All of GARM's treatment options are designed to maintain and/or enhance a patient's quality of life.

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Areas of expertise in treating patients with adult autologous stem/stromal cell and biocellular medicine treatments include, but are not limited to:

Aesthetic Applications

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