Stem Cell Treatment is a Life Saver from Years of Pain

After many years of work, Joy was excited for her upcoming retirement and travel plans. But everything changed after she developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Chronic pain was now hurting her quality of life.
Joy was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and refused to accept living in pain. She first met with the GARM Clinic physicians in Roatán on May 4, 2016. She presented at the GARM Clinic with arthritis in both hands as well as other joints. Joy could not raise her arms, suffered from severe wrist pain, stiffness, weakness, and loss range of motion. Her lower extremities were just as affected.
“In October of 2015 I was hit hard with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had just retired and was excited to travel with my husband in our new travel trailer. This disease halted all trips when I could not rise out of bed without assistance. I couldn’t feed or dress myself and I walked with a cane when I could walk. The pain was unbearable and I would not take the prescription pain meds or any immunosupressants prescribed to me.”
Joy decided to come to the GARM Clinic for treatment.

Time to Walk Again

“I was introduced to GARM through a relative who was receiving treatment from GARM for prostate cancer. His positive result encouraged me that stem cell treatment was my saving grace. I looked them up on Facebook and discovered they help people with arthritis on a Caribbean Island. My sister and I updated our passports, purchased tickets, and in May 2016 we were off to Roatán to change my life.”

GARM Clinic Provides Hope for Improving Joy’s Quality of Life

Dr. Terry and the GARM Clinic team evaluated Joy’s complicated situation in an effort to design the best possible treatment for her. At the GARM Clinic, a comprehensive and unique treatment plan is developed for each patient that targets the causes of the problem (not just the symptoms), which have been identified by a thorough clinical evaluation. Joy’s comment regarding the care she received at the GARM Clinic echoes a common sentiment expressed by GARM Clinic patients, “The GARM Clinic physicians and team spent more time with me during my examination than all the doctors I had seen in five months combined.”
The GARM Clinic physicians embrace the fact that each patient is special; each patient’s history and examination are unique to him/her.
“Two days after I returned home, I drove my sister 250 miles to her home. I have made four trips to her house since then.” At four months post procedure, Joy no longer needed a cane to do anything.
“I couldn’t walk or raise my arms or basically move,” says Joy, “Here I am today after GARM.” Two and a half years after her stem cell procedure at GARM Clinic, Joy can enjoy life again. “My whole body is functioning fully.”
Joy took control and got her life back. She is excited about her continuing improvement and being able to do normal activities like going up the stairs, reaching high cupboards, sign her name, and opening bottles. “I walk, drive, get out of bed and off of chairs without assistance. I dress myself and feed myself. A few years ago, there was no guarantee I could do all of those things on any given day.”

A Message of Hope

Joy is always happy to share her story and talk to others about how the treatment she received at the GARM Clinic has helped her recover her quality of life. “I am not rich! Far from it! But, I made the decision to live. Take charge of your life and help yourself. Take vitamins and supplements, change your diet and healing with GARM! You will live with a future and those dreams you thought you would never see can be a reality.”
“Thank you GARM Clinic, you are Angels of Healing! Forever grateful for saving my life. GARM Clinic saved my life!”

“So I am not tech savvy but last year I couldn’t walk or raise my arms or basically move. Here I am today after GARM!”


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