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We are thrilled to announce that Dr. McGee will be visiting the GARM Clinic the week of August 28th to September 1st.

Dr. McGee shares his excitement for his upcoming visit. Don't miss your chance to receive world-class care from Dr. McGee himself.

Roatan & the United States

Besides its natural vocation for medical tourism, Roatan has a strategic location with respect to the main global consumer for international medical services: the United States.

- Miami - 02.08 Travel Time - 21 million annual airport passengers
- Houston - 02.54 Travel Time - 22 million annual airport passengers
- Atlanta - 03.02 Travel Time - 54 million annual airport passengers
- Dallas - 03.29 Travel Time - 36 million annual airport passengers

Roatan has direction connectivity with Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis and Miami. These represent some of the most important air hubs in the USA, which allows Roatan to connect with the most important consumer of international medical services.

Furthermore, the Roatan International Airport has the requirements to eventually allow direct connections with Canada, Mexico and even South America.

Source: Deloitte Analysis