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How GARM Treats Low Back Symptoms

Dr. Terry and the GARM Team have treated hundreds of patients with lumbar and neck pain over the years. Together with GARM’s spine expert, Dr. Doug Tucker, GARM has now honed “a most beneficial blend” of treatment approaches for patients who wish to prevent invasive surgery or for those who are dealing with post-surgical, unresolved back pain. GARM’s latest treatment consists of addressing annular tears in degenerative discs combined with regenerative treatment protocols for certain areas of the spine that need additional biologic materials for repair. The results thus far have been quite promising! GARM’s success rate for lumbar patients over ten years is approximately 88% effective with ZERO adverse events related to the regenerative medicine treatments.



  • Degenerative Disc:
  • All Adults Have Degenerative Discs. Degenerative disc disease is simply the appearance of torn discs. It’s only the leaking of the nucleus pulposus as a result of a torn disc that causes pain. GARM provides regenerative medicine applications to address these tears and prevent further degeneration.
    • Annular Tears:
    • Can be repaired without surgery. Annular Tears are the underlying cause of many disc problems such as herniations, bulges, protusions, degenerative disc disease, even spine arthritis can be caused by annular tears. GARM can treat these conditions with our surgery!
    • Chronic Low Back Pain:
    • Chronic low back pain has not been shown to be permanently corrected by epidurals,
    • physical therapy, or chiropractic manipulation unless the underlying cause is healed. The most common treatments for chronic low back pain do not address the underlying cause of chronic low back pain.
    • Sciatica
    • When spinal discs leak as a result of annual tears, inflammation of adjacent spinal nerves may lead to sciatic nerve pain. 
    • Herniated Disc:
    • Herniated discs do not always cause symptoms; it is leaking of the nucleus pulposus, that causes symptoms and weakness.


    During the Telemedicine consultation, you will speak directly with the physician who will perform the GARM Procedure. We want to make sure you are confident about the procedure and we will answer all your questions prior to the procedure. 


    The annulogram is a detailed process that will identify your pain source. It specifically determines if your normal or abnormal-looking discs are leaking. Anything missed by an MRI will show in the annul-gram.


    During the GARM Procedure your physician will inject a substance called fibrin into your damaged disc, which will seal the disc. Fibrin is an FDA approved biologic that is made from human blood. The entire procedure is observed through live x-rays.


    After the GARM Procedure most patients are walking within the first 24 hours, Immediately after the procedure, your damaged disc will start healing, which is a continuous process over the next 12 months.