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How Discseel® Procedure Treats Low Back Symptoms

The Discseel® Procedure is a revolutionary, minimally-invasive procedure to treat chronic back pain resulting from damaged or torn spinal discs. An FDA-approved, 100% natural biologic called Fibrin is injected into the disc, which seals the tears and stimulates the body to begin healing. The Discseel® Procedure is a true alternative to a spinal fusion.

Conditions That The Discseel® Procedure Has Successfully Treated

  • Degenerative Disc:
  • All Adults Have Degenerative Discs. Degenerative disc disease is simply the appearance of torn discs. It’s only the leaking of the nucleus pulposus as a result of a torn disc that causes pain. Surgery cannot heal these tears and instead worsens them. ONLY THE DISCSEEL® PROCEDURE IS KNOWN TO HEAL DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE CAUSED BY ANNULAR TEARS
  • Annular Tears:
  • This Minimally Invasive Procedure Repairs Annular Tears Without Surgery. Annular Tears Are the Underlying Cause of Most Disc Problems Herniations, bulges, protusions, degenerative disc disease, even spine arthritis and bone spurs are all caused by annular tears. Surgery cannot heal tears and instead worsens them. Only the Discseel® Procedure seals and heals annular tears.
  • Chronic Low Back Pain:
  • Chronic low back pain has not been shown to be permanently corrected by epidurals,
  • physical therapy, or chiropractic manipulation unless the underlying cause is healed. The most common treatments for chronic low back pain do not address the underlying cause of chronic low back pain.
  • Sciatica
  • When spinal discs leak as a result of these tears, inflammation of adjacent spinal nerves leads to sciatic nerve pain. Unlike what most people have been led to believe, sciatica is often not caused by a physically pinched nerve, but by irritation of the sciatic nerve root caused by nucleus pulposus gel leaking out of the spinal disc.
  • Herniated Disc:
  • Herniated discs do not cause symptoms; it is leaking liquid gel, known as the nucleus pulposus, that causes symptoms and weakness.
  • Because annular tears cause herniated discs, only sealing and healing those tears can heal herniations.
  • Testimonials

    Sean wanted to find a solution to his back pain that didn’t involve putting hardware in his spine, so he chose the Discseel® Procedure. Now he’s living pain-free and has been able to return to the lifestyle he loves.

    After being told his only cure was spinal fusion surgery, Jim searched for an alternative and found the Discseel® Procedure. He is now back to his active lifestyle and has been pain free since his procedure.

    When Erica began developing spine pain, she felt that the activities she loved were taken away from her.  Erica now says that the Discseel® Procedure has “100% turned her life around” and allowed her to get back to the things she loves, like running.

    Charlie had always led an active lifestyle, but when he began experiencing back pain, he became hesitant to continue being active. Eventually, his back pain  even made everyday tasks difficult. The treatments he received gave him no relief, and Charlie feared invasive fusion surgery. Thanks to the Discseel® Procedure Charlie is active again and has no limitations!

    When Hector fell off a ladder at work, his life changed forever. Constant back pain altered his life, and even his family life began to suffer. The Discseel® Procedure got him back to work within 7 days and he is once again able to enjoy his hobbies! 

    When back pain stopped Jenny from spending quality time with her grandchildren, traveling, and even doing simple things like sitting down, she knew she needed to get help. After failing to get relief from spinal fusion surgery, friends recommended the Discseel® Procedure. Now Jenny has her life back and lives without pain!


    During the Telemedicine consultation, you will speak directly with the physician who will perform the Discseel Procedure. We want to make sure you are confident about the procedure and we will answer all your questions prior to the procedure. 


    The annulogram is a detailed process that will identify your pain source. It specifically determines if your normal or abnormal-looking discs are leaking. Anything missed by an MRI will show in the annul-gram.


    During the Discseel Procedure your physician will inject a substance called fibrin into your damaged disc, which will seal the disc. Fibrin is an FDA approved biologic that is made from human blood. The entire procedure is observed through live x-rays.


    After the Discseel Procedure most patients are walking within the first 24 hours, Immediately after the procedure, your damaged disc will start healing, which is a continuous process over the next 12 months.