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It is a pleasure to share with everyone what GARM Clinic did for me. About 7 years ago, I was in an accident, breaking my left leg and shattering my distal tibia and ankle. After I recovered from the surgery, I was left with near constant pain (and a pretty significant gait problem because of the pain & scar) in my left Knee, left shin, and left ankle. Every time I tried to exercise, the discomfort interfered and I stopped trying, with the exception of occasionally walking for exercise. The result? I gained weight, a LOT of weight, 37 pounds. My diet was not healthy. My hemoglobin A1c levels were on the rise and I suspect that I was beginning to develop insulin resistance. I also am pretty sure I had leaky gut. In addition to the pain, I was going down the road of developing an autoimmune situation. So I contact the GARM Clinic. Dr. Terry and Dra Humphreys first provided me with nutrition & lifestyle counseling. I eliminated wheat, dairy and most processed foods. I reduced the amount of meat in my everyday diet. Within a week, I felt much better. Then, Dr. Terry performed a stem cell procedure on my left knee, tibia, and ankle; I also received an IV of stem cells to calm the systemic inflammation. That procedure was life changing. I was no longer in pain. For four months after the procedure, I could only do limited exercises the physicians gave to me. At the four month mark, I began to slowly work in to jogging. Pain Free. The extra weight was gone within 3 months. 15 months later, I feel great, run daily for exercise, and all lab values are within normal range. Thank you GARM TEAM!

Doctor Glenn Terry and the GARM Clinic personnel are amazing! I am in my early 70’s and live in Texas. I was introduced to GARM clinic while my husband and I were vacationing in Roatan. It has been almost two years now since I had an autologous stem cell procedure at the GARM Clinic on both of my knees and my left shoulder. My right knee was so inflamed with arthritis that every step was painful and my left knee was almost as bad. I walked with a cane and could only walk short distances at a time and could not really do stairs because of the pain. My shoulder had been hurting for about 15 years, and I would have occasional unexpected excruciating sharp pains with certain movements. Two years later, I now am virtually pain free in my right knee, which was my worst and received the most injections. My left knee is much improved, except for an area which developed later and was not injected with the stem cells. My shoulder is also much improved with no more intense pain. These results were confirmed by a two-year check-up at GARM Clinic with Dr. Terry through physical exam and ultrasound. In addition to autologous stem cell injections, Dr. Terry also recommends a customized plan consisting of specific exercises, maybe supplements, and nutrition counseling to improve your specific problem areas and overall health and wellbeing. Autologous stem cell therapy really works, and you cannot find a more wonderful, caring knowledgeable doctor than Dr. Terry and all of the GARM Clinic team to transfer your stem cells from your fat to the places in your body that need regeneration and healing. I will always be grateful to Dr. Terry and the GARM Clinic for greatly enhancing my quality of life, and I highly recommend their services.
**Patricia F

When I first went to GARM I could not walk without pain killers. The stem cell treatment has been an absolute miracle. Two years later after treatment in various joints I am back to being able to do the things I love like dancing. I feel like a different person. The staff their are amazing and actually give a darn about your outcome.

 What an amazing procedure and team at GARM.

I am very happy with my stem cell transplant. I will definitely use this treatment for any other issues that come up in my future. Dr. and staff are the Best!

I am  so pleased with the results of my stem cell transplant for my shoulder and hip. I had a significant fall in May 2017 with damage to both areas mentioned. I kept thinking that if I gave my body time that it would heal on its own. Well this didn't happen, the ROM of my left shoulder and left hip diminished significantly over 3 months and the amount of pain was debilitating. I couldn't even use my arm to use the handheld hair dryer cause I couldn't lift my arm that far. My hip also did not have the ROM needed for Daily Activities of Living. I went to see Dr. Glen Terry at GARM Clinic in July to find out that I probably had several tears in my shoulder, which a subsequent MRI identified. The end of August I decided to schedule a Stem Cell Transplant. It was great to be awake and talk to the doctor and nurses and others helping during the procedure. I even had a sweet young intern holding my hand when I needed it, and talking to me to keep me distracted. They are so wonderfulI, they talk to you during the procedure to make sure that you are doing all right, and they explain everything that they are doing. Forward three months: WooHoo! I had a great follow up appointment today! My range of motion is almost normal with both my left shoulder and hip, which will take a little more work on my part, exercising and stretching every day. No more pain, NADA, GONE totally! So glad I had this procedure instead of Surgery. It takes up to a full year for complete recovery with surgery and this is 3-6 months. Amazing for sure. If anyone is thinking about having a Stem Cell Transplant procedure done, I would be willing to answer questions or refer to those who know! Thank you Dr. Terry, and the wonderful staff of GARM Clinic, you guys are the best !!

After months of suffering from extreme ankle pain I was referred to the GARM Clinic. The facility is modern and the staff is second to none. I feel like I have another family. Oh, and did I mention... 20 days after treatment I can walk almost normally again and 90% of the pain is gone and getting better day by day. Thanks everyone, you made a huge difference in my life and I am very grateful.
**Michelle B

Doctor Terry and his staff are the best in every aspect of what I needed for the conditions treated. A very professional experience yet I feel like I made friends for life. They actually care about every individual that comes for help and treatments. I am so happy to have met them and know that such a great team is on my side and helping me to achieve a better quality of life. A huge big THANK YOU to all of them! Doctor Terry is the most amazing, knowledgeable, and caring Doctor that I have ever been a patient of.

I am 80 years old, and I have been living with degenerative COPD for several years now. A couple of years ago, the disease had progressed to the point where my shortness of breath had become debilitating and I needed to be on oxygen 24/7. I took a chance and traveled to the GARM clinic in Roatan from my home in Denver, CO, where I received their stem cell therapy treatment for COPD. I was impressed from the moment I arrived at the airport and was given VIP treatment to get to the Parrot Tree Plantation where GARM and the resort hotel is located. The facilities were first class, and Dr. Terry and his staff were caring and professional from start to finish. It took about 6 weeks, but sure as Dr. Terry predicted, I started regaining my breath and stamina, my blood oxygen levels went up into the normal range, and I no longer need oxygen when I am at home. At six months post-procedure, I only use oxygen when I am out running errands or do something particularly strenuous. My COPD treatment at GARM has restored much of my quality of life. As a successful GARM patient and satisfied customer, I recommend the program wholeheartedly.
**John L

These videos and statements are brought to you by GARM Clinic patients who have received treatment at the GARM Clinic on the island of Roatan (Western Caribbean). The treatments include proprietary GARM Protocols for select chronic disease states and acute or chronic injuries in the following areas: orthopedics & spine, chronic lyme disease, autoimmune disease states, select neurodegenerative disease states, type II diabetes, COPD, aesthetics applications, as well as anti-aging and wellness applications.