We are so grateful when our patients take time to share their testimonies with us in hopes that it will help others to achieve similar results. Please enjoy the following account from one of our dear patients:

“In October of 2015 I was hit hard with Systemic Arthritis. I had just retired and was excited to travel with my husband in our new travel trailer. This disease halted all trips when I could not rise out of bed without assistance, I couldn’t feed or dress myself and I walked with a cane if I could walk. The pain was unbearable and I would not take the prescription pain meds or any biologic medications from the local doctors. I was introduced to GARM through a relative who was receiving treatment from GARM for Prostate Cancer. His positive result encouraged me that stem cell treatment was my saving grace. I looked them up on Facebook and discovered they help people with arthritis on a Caribbean island. Passport, tickets and in May of 2016 my sister and I are off to Roatan Honduras to change my life.

The GARM team spent more time with me during my examination than all the doctors I had seen in five months combined. On May 7, 2016 I had stem cell extraction of my fat cells. I clearly was excited hoping that they would take as many fat cells for the world. I had no problem sharing. Within two hours my regenerated cells were injected through an IV back into my system. Joy juice to kick my body back to normal. I also take two enzymes three times a day. One to block inflammation and the other to attack the arthritis. I follow their direction and no longer eat beef of pork. I make sure to get at least ten minutes of sun a day. I dont drink soda, except an occasional Mexican coke. I make chicken hash, chicken tacos, the best tuna sandwiches ever. Cauliflower and broccoli coated with olive oil and parmesan cheese and garlic and roasted in the oven. Yum! Vitamins and minerals are encouraged with daily exercise.

Four months later I do not need a cane to do anything except pull things down from the top shelf as I am only 5’ft tall. Two days after I returned home I drove my sister home 250 miles. I have made four trips to her house since then. I walk, drive, get out of bed and off of chairs without assistance. I dress myself and feed myself. I have lost weight which also helps with healing.

I am not rich! Far from it! But, I made the decision to live. I wasn’t ready to support my doctors lifestyle while I wither to nothing. Take charge of your life and help yourself. Take vitamins and supplements and change your diet and healing with GARM will change your life! You will live with a future and those dreams you thought you would never see can be a reality.

Thank you GARM, you are Angels of Healing! For ever grateful for saving my life. Please adopt me!”

-Joy A.
Las Vegas, Nevada


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