Arthritis and the Regenerative Process
According to the CDC, 29.3% of adults in the US ages 45-64 have arthritis.* For many who fall in this category, inflammation may be the attritional chronic event, predating X-Ray evidence, that leads to symptomatic arthritis. When administered properly, autologous derived mesenchymal stem cell with or without biocellular medicine preparations can reduce inflammation and can provide the needed materials for repair and regeneration.

When Glenn C. Terry, M.D. was asked to explain the potential impact of regenerative medicine applications to an arthritic joint, his reply was, “Under normal circumstances, the body supplies what it needs to repair and regenerate. After a certain amount of wear & tear over time, the injured joint is depleted of the materials it needs to repair the joint efficiently. When applied properly, Regenerative Medicine techniques can supply the badly needed materials for repair & regeneration through autologous derived stem cell and/or biocellular medicine applications. It’s like running out of materials during a construction project; you have to receive delivery from a hardware store to get the materials needed for its completion. Regenerative medicine is a very similar process in that it resupplies the badly needed materials so the body can repair itself. Most people think the process should be instant, when in fact, it’s not. Regeneration takes time, just like building a house. You can’t build a house in a few weeks, why should a joint be any different?”

Dr. Terry provides an example. “A patient may present at the onset of pain and symptoms of arthritis; however, the X-rays tell another story: the progression of the arthritis has been there for some time, which is intriguing. The most rational explanation for this is that the body was supplying the growth factors, cytokines, stem cells and other biological factors needed for repair and regeneration. Therefore, the patient was mostly asymptomatic. The patient began experiencing the symptoms of arthritis when the body’s supply of the regenerative properties was exhausted. At this point, it’s time to intervene and provide those biological components necessary for repair.”

The GARM Clinic’s physicians use technologically advanced techniques combined with IRB approved treatment protocols and comprehensive clinical documentation to provide the best care and greatest chance for positive outcomes for patients. The GARM Clinic’s approach to using regenerative medicine applications for treating patients is responsible and ethical. Thus far, patient outcomes are promising. The GARM Clinic’s reviews are positive. Although regenerative medicine is still in its early stages, it is evident The GARM Clinic and its physicians care about their patients and strive to improve the quality of life for each patient, no matter the obstacles.

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