Where can athletes of all levels and people who enjoy active lifestyles go for technologically advanced Regenerative Medicine treatment options?

The GARM Clinic: located on the Island of Roatán.

The GARM Clinic’s Dream Team consists of a powerful brain trust of surgeons/stem cell experts that comprise arguably the most coveted Leadership Team of Physicians in Regenerative Medicine. The Dream Team is led by The GARM Clinic visionary, Glenn C. Terry, M.D., a globally renowned Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon, who joined together with Robert W. Alexander, M.D., who was instrumental in developing the stem cell processing technique used for targeted stem cell procedures to hit the points of injury, wear and tear, or scar that may occur during a season of high-level sports participation.

How might The GARM Clinic’s treatments benefit elite athletes during or post season?  Repair and Recovery – with highly targeted injections of The GARM Clinic’s proprietary biocellular medicine protocol. In addition to very specific targeted injections, The GARM Clinic is able to provide many patients with a powerful isolated stem cell preparation administered systemically which may then target spots of inflammation and injury, as well as repair the micro-injuries that may have gone unnoticed and/or undetected. These micro-injuries occur in every game and in every practice during the season. Additional consequences of the cell isolation preparation administered systemically may be: reduction in systemic inflammation, improved energy levels, and improved immune system function.

For those of us who are not professional athletes, but enjoy daily exercise and an active lifestyle, the goal simply may be to continue functioning at a high level.  Addressing injuries and arthritis early, before progression or further degeneration occurs, may enable improvement to one’s desired activity level.

Goals & Benefits:

  • Get back to playing and to practicing faster with reduced recovery time
  • Potentially extend career activities by addressing smaller injuries that might contribute to a larger problem later
  • Heal faster
  • Reduce or eliminate discomfort
  • Potentially enhance performance over time, NATURALLY
  • To have the most technologically advanced treatment program developed by the Leaders of Orthopedics/Sports Medicine/Regenerative Medicine focused entirely on YOU

Repairing injuries, strains & sprains now, may prevent future problems. Enhance your body’s healing potential and your performance NATURALLY.  


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