If you are a citizen of the US or Canada you may qualify for the following financing optionsGARM does not endorse any specific provider and is only providing a list of finance providers who may provide further assistance on qualification and program specifics.

Leap Financing

Leap Financing makes healthcare expenses more affordable by providing the money you need for stem cell treatments and procedures.

Leap Financing helps you acquire the stem cell treatment you want by providing an upfront payment to your medical service provider. You repay the expenses through easy and affordable monthly payments.

Contact Information
Telephone: +1 (888) 365-4084
Location: 201 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1S2

Lending USA

Stem Cell Therapy with a low monthly payment and no prepayment penalty. Lending USA provides financing for your stem cell treatments. You may qualify for 0% interest for the first six months.

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