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To the GARM patients and the GARM community:
Visit the new Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine website at and you will see changes designed to benefit you!  The site has been upgraded for practical and easy use, and will soon have a blog as well as a payment portal.

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One of the new features boasts an image on the home page that lists some of the conditions that are treated by GARM proprietary protocols. The idea is, “having people know that they can just click on the body part that is bothering them to determine if an autologous stem cell procedure at GARM is a possible treatment option for them. This provides a convenient and user friendly option for our website patrons,” says Mayra H., MBA, GARM team member who led the upgrade endeavor.

The Website has video, audio, interactive tools, and links to important patient forms to get your experience at the GARM clinic started. Check out GARM’s new website today: and don’t forget to like us on  Facebook!



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