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On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Hospital Cemesa Roatan (HCR) officially opened at a ribbon cutting ceremony. National and local dignitaries were in attendance as well as multiple other community members. Hospital Cemesa Roatan is the product of GARM Alliance Member,  Jose Samara, M.D.

Dr. Noel Brito, the Bay Islands Medical Director entertains the crowd during the reception party.
The GARM Team poses with Noel Brito, M.D., Bay Islands Medical Director and Fransisco Somoza M.D., Interventional Cardiologist.
Jose Samara, M.D. gives welcoming address.
Jose Samara, M.D. gives the welcoming address.


The opening of Hospital Cemesa Roatan creates endless possibilities for the expansion of the field of Regenerative Medicine and Biocellular Medicine. Alliance members from a wide array of  medical specialties will now be able to participate in the development of treatment protocols that will utilize autologous stem cell therapies within their respective specialty fields. Cemesa Roatan Openin, croud

HCR is a modern state of the art facility, designed to provide a world-class level of medical service.

HCR offers  24 hour emergency services with a diagnostic laboratory, including Xray, ultrasound, CT scan, mammogram, C-arm with fluoroscopy, as well as MRI and angiogram capabilities coming soon.

HCR is equipped with 4 operating rooms designed under JCAHO standards, which are in place to provide the patient with the highest quality of care possible.

The ICU is equipped for the care of patients who are in critical condition that require more specialized care and continuous monitoring.



The patient rooms have been designed to allow the staff to provide the best care for the patient while he/she experiences a comfortable, if not luxurious, stay.Patient room door, Cemesa RoatanVIP patient suite

Cemesa Roatan, patient room bathroom

The hospital features 15 private rooms. Each includes the following:

Ample living space
A movable hospital bed
Intercom to the central nursing station with call button
Sofa bed
Digital telephone
Samsung 32-inch  flat screen TV with cable
Private bathroom, large shower containing safety features and a call button

The 2 Executive Patient Suites that provide:

Spacious two room accommodations with separate living area and private
Hospital bed with freedom of movement
Intercom to the central nursing station with call button
Sofa bed
Digital telephone
Two Samsung 42-inch flat screen TV and Cable TV

Private bathroom with shower containing a call button

Private balcony with view


Hospital Cemesa Roatan is also providing outpatient care in the following medical specialties:

Internal Medicine
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Physical Therapy
Pain Management
General Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Interventional Cardiology
Stem Cell Lab
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was broadcast live on GARM’s facebook business page. You can see it by going to the following link to the video archives on the GARM Clinic’s Facebook page: https: https://www.facebook.com/GARMclinic/videos

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