It is a pleasure to share with everyone what GARM Clinic did for me. About 7 years ago, I was in an accident, breaking my left leg and shattering my distal tibia and ankle. After I recovered from the surgery, I was left with near constant pain (and a pretty significant gait problem because of the pain & scar) in my left Knee, left shin, and left ankle.

Every time I tried to exercise, the discomfort interfered and I stopped trying, with the exception of occasionally walking for exercise. The result? I gained weight, a LOT of weight, 37 pounds. My diet was not healthy. My hemoglobin A1c levels were on the rise and I suspect that I was beginning to develop insulin resistance. I also am pretty sure I had leaky gut. In addition to the pain, I was going down the road of developing an autoimmune situation.

So I contact the GARM Clinic. Dr. Terry and Dr. Humphreys first provided me with nutrition & lifestyle counseling. I eliminated wheat, dairy and most processed foods. I reduced the amount of meat in my everyday diet. Within a week, I felt much better. Then, Dr. Terry performed a stem cell procedure on my left knee, tibia, and ankle; I also received an IV of stem cells to calm the systemic inflammation. That procedure was life changing. I was no longer in pain. For four months after the procedure, I could only do limited exercises the physicians gave to me. At the four month mark, I began to slowly work in to jogging. Pain Free. The extra weight was gone within 3 months. 15 months later, I feel great, run daily for exercise, and all lab values are within normal range. Thank you GARM TEAM!


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