Check out the “Non-surgical Facelift” using unfocused acoustic wave technology, featuring the sagging that occurs between the chin and neck. This sagging is usually a result of the loss of firmness, tone and elasticity in the skin and underlying tissues. What can be a more disheartening and visible sign of aging? The degeneration of soft tissues and the loss of collagen in the face are the main factors that affect the aesthetic appearance of the face. The effects of aging, however, are more than skin deep. As you age, your facial muscles and strength also diminish, contributing to a “sagging skin” appearance.  When you are young, the cells of your body are constantly replacing themselves. However, as time goes on, they gradually lose their ability to replicate themselves to their former glory. The new cell that is produced is a weaker, less efficient version of the last; the process of losing the ability to replicate is what is responsible for what we know as aging. For example, think of a stamp and an inkpad. Unless you press the stamp into the inkpad every time you stamp down, every version of the impression will become weaker and weaker. With every cell replication, beauty literally fades! What if the process the cell’s ability to replicate could be enhanced so that each new cell is a sharp copy of the original? It would be like refreshing the stamp in the inkpad every time you make an impression. Regenerative medicine has now made this “what if” scenario a reality. The original cell is called a stem cell. Shockwave technology allows for access to these cells, so that your body is making a sharper replication from the original. Your muscle tissue regenerates to form a stronger version, much like it did when you were younger. Until now, the surgical facelift has been the treatment of choice to improve facial aesthetics. The risks and complications of a facelift can include and are not limited to: nerve damage, loss of sensation, hematoma, reaction to anesthesia and scarring, just to name a few. The GARM Wave offers a safe and effective alternative with no surgery, no anesthesia and no down time!


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