Doctor Glenn Terry and the GARM Clinic personnel are amazing! I am in my early 70’s and live in Texas. I was introduced to GARM clinic while my husband and I were vacationing in Roatan. It has been almost two years now since I had an autologous stem cell procedure at the GARM Clinic on both of my knees and my left shoulder. My right knee was so inflamed with arthritis that every step was painful and my left knee was almost as bad. I walked with a cane and could only walk short distances at a time and could not really do stairs because of the pain. My shoulder had been hurting for about 15 years, and I would have occasional unexpected excruciating sharp pains with certain movements. Two years later, I now am virtually pain free in my right knee, which was my worst and received the most injections. My left knee is much improved, except for an area which developed later and was not injected with the stem cells.

My shoulder is also much improved with no more intense pain.

These results were confirmed by a two-year check-up at GARM Clinic with Dr. Terry through physical exam and ultrasound. In addition to autologous stem cell injections, Dr. Terry also recommends a customized plan consisting of specific exercises, maybe supplements, and nutrition counseling to improve your specific problem areas and overall health and wellbeing.

Autologous stem cell therapy really works, and you cannot find a more wonderful, caring knowledgeable doctor than Dr. Terry and all of the GARM Clinic team to transfer your stem cells from your fat to the places in your body that need regeneration and healing. I will always be grateful to Dr. Terry and the GARM Clinic for greatly enhancing my quality of life, and I highly recommend their services.

Patricia F.


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