Q & A with Dr. Terry:

Question: How are you staying in touch with patients?

Answer:    A few weeks ago, we sent out a newsletter on perseverance.  Part of perseverance is successfully adapting to new circumstances. One platform that has allowed us to continue to serve our patients is telemedicine. 

Telemedicine is an invaluable tool that has allowed myself and the GARM Team to remain connected with current patients and consult with new patients. The best possible care for each patient is the center of our focus and energy, and telemedicine has allowed for that to remain a top priority in today’s unusual climate. 

Question:  Can you review images and tests with patients remotely?

Answer:     Yes, we can. When patients participate in a telemedicine consultation, we decide at that time if certain diagnostic tests are needed.  Based on this assessment, we will order the tests and review the images or results with the patient in a follow up telemedicine consultation. I have the imaging program on my computer and can share the screen with a patient at the time of consultation to review the images.

Question:  Can you prescribe exercises remotely?

Answer:     Yes, I can review exercises with patients and then follow up with PDF versions via email as a reminder.

Question:  When will GARM Clinic in Roatan be open for procedures?

Answer:    Because of the travel limitations currently in effect due to the COVID 19 crisis, we are planning to start treating patients in Roatan beginning in September.  As I understand it, we have several patients on a wait list, so if a patient is interested in a procedure, it is in his/her best interest to start the process now. The first step is to schedule a telemedicine consultation by emailing  info@garmclinic.com

Question:  Is GARM Clinic still accepting new patients?

Answer:    Yes, of course!  Travel will open back up soon and we are preparing for that. We have consulted with several new patients already via telemedicine portals. The interesting thing about telemedicine is that our time with patients is uninterrupted and it really is more of a one-on-one situation.

Question:  What would you say to patients in today’s climate who are concerned about travel?

Answer:     Travel in these times is probably going to be a different experience. I would say that all people should take the necessary precautions for travel:  masks, hand washing, social distancing, and any other guidelines set forth by the CDC.  If a person is a high risk individual, then obviously, that person should weigh the risks and benefits of travel to GARM Clinic for treatment. The good news is that to date, the Island of Roatan has no known COVID 19 cases and has gone to extreme measures to protect its population from the virus.  Another piece of good news is that there are still planned flights from Houston, Atlanta, and Miami direct to Roatan when travel resumes.

If you decide to come to GARM Clinic for treatment, we welcome you and are ready to treat you!  Contact us to help you plan your travel dates and your stay on the beautiful Island of Roatan. After the stress of the past few months, it’s time to get healthy and focus on your needs. 


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