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TESS: Targeted Enzyme Signaling System

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Start a revolution against cancer, certain viruses, and select other disease states from within by harnessing the full power of your body’s immune system with specified targeted enzyme signaling systems, collectively known as “TESS”. The TESS elective treatment systems are natural substances, dynamic in action, are designed to support immune function without the side effects of traditional treatments. If quality of life is important to you, please click here to read about TESS –C (targets cancer cells) and TESS-V (targets certain difficult to treat viral infections, some autoimmune disorders, and select other disease states). For these treatment options to “hit the target”, sialic acid molecules must be present on the cell membrane of the infected cells or pathogen. The active ingredient in the TESS system is a very small amount of neuraminidase. The neuraminidase removes the sialic acid molecule, thus uncovering hidden antigens “virotopes” cloaking those antigens. Cloaking the antigens with the sialic acid molecules of its covering glycoprotein is how viruses, most cancer cells, fungi, and some bacteria “hide” from the host’s immune system. Once uncloaked, by removing the sialic acid molecule, the targeted pathogens’ antigens will be exposed and then attacked by the host’s immune system. The “signaling” action of TESS is an “all hands on deck” or a “battle station’s call” to the host’s immune system. Neuraminidase incites a vigorous host immune system enhancement effect. Thus, the cellular response to a pathogen, and a vigorous humeral antibody response are initiated. Other immune system interactions are also facilitated. These result in a more comprehensive and appropriately coordinated host immune attack on the pathogen. Each additional immune response is initiated by the initial neuraminidase effect, creating a cascade of immune processes orchestrated at each level of interaction by the signals provided by neuraminidase. The effect is a signaling systems approach to totally eliminate a pathogen or infected cell. Because no cells of either the pathogen or the host are directly “killed” by the TESS approach, there are virtually no side effects. The cascade or “domino” effect of the immune system against a now recognizable, “uncloaked” pathogen is the mechanism of its destruction. If a large number of pathogens are destroyed, a mild feeling of malaise or a sense of stiffness may occur. This effect is not an adverse event. It is a positive effect indicating the TESS effect of enhancing the host’s immune system is working to kill the pathogen. All of the cascade interactions occur within the host at a cellular, antibody, and paracrine (local) signaling level. Since TESS is administered as a single sublingual drop, no needles are required, thus no discomfort is experienced by the host (patient). Also, no known unintended consequences result, as may occur with prolonged antibiotics or other treatment chemicals. How great is that? Finally, if the host’s immune system is competent, TESS acts as a friend of the host’s immune system. Thus, efficacy is highly probable. How much better is that?

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