Steps to help maintain a positive attitude and emotional well-being, both of which are very important to physical health!

  • Make a list at the beginning of each day of loved ones, circumstances, and things for which you are most grateful.
  • Do your best to get fresh air and sunshine (exercise if possible) each day; embrace nature, even if it is from afar.
  • If you are “sheltering in place”, engage in an on-line course (there are several free ones available) to learn more about a subject that attracts your interest  or to explore educational opportunities for which you never seem to have time. Two great sites are Khan Academy and The Great Courses.
  • This is a perfect time to try new, healthy recipes that you have not had time to even think about; plan, make a grocery list for on-line orders with delivery or pick up.
  • Sheltering in place provides the perfect opportunity to start (and finish!) a cleanse; look  for natural and safe DIY protocols online.
  • Actually read that book you’ve been planning on reading. Read two and enjoy them; a little escape never hurt anyone!
  • Reconnect with loved ones in your home or shelter in place location.
  • Daily meditation (if  you haven’t tried it, check out the app “Head Space”); just ten minutes per day makes a tremendous difference!
  • Turn off the news and turn on your favorite music.
  • Reconnect virtually with old friends.
  • Tell the special people in your life how much they mean to you.
  • Make a plan for ways to improve in your professional life (maybe tighten up a business plan or improve operations) so you and/or your business is/are stronger than ever when the new normal arrives.
  • Ask yourself daily, “What can I learn from this challenging experience”?
  • 10 minutes per day of yoga will help keep you moving! Check out the app Pocket Yoga.


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