How many treatments are required?

Typically only one treatment is required. Why? We obtain stem cells from your fat, which, per cc, contains 500x more stem cells than those derived from blood or bone marrow; we have extremely high cell counts!

Why are the treatments so successful? Because we CARE. We isolate a 1.5-2.0 hour time slot with our world renowned physicians and stem cell experts for your initial consultation. AGAIN, extremely high cell counts are directly proportional to patients outcomes and improvements.

The treatments at GARM clinic are customized per patient. No two patients are treated with the same plan; the GARM clinic treatments are as individualized as the fingerprints on your fingers. Think about it, arguably the top minds in medicine work together to create the ultimate treatment plan for your very specific problem.

Why? Because we believe in what Hippocrates said years ago, "Within the body lies the power to heal itself".

Regarding competition:

GARM Clinic does not recognize competition in the traditional sense. Our proprietary treatment options are customized per patient; no other facility can say that. We do not provide "cookie cutter" medicine. Each treatment protocol is as unique as each patient. GARM considers the disease state to be the competition.

Feel Better. Better Life.

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