Can I get my arthritic knee pain and diabetes treated in the same appointment?

Yes, you can!

The GARM Clinic offers customized solutions for each patient’s unique health circumstances. If you have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis or a sports-related injury, as well as another chronic disease state such as type 2 diabetes, you can certainly address all issues in the same treatment process.  “Each individual has a unique set of underlying circumstances that contributes to his/her overall health and well-being. Having the ability to treat more than one health issue is one of the keys to the successful outcomes experienced by many of GARM Clinic’s patients. The convenience and cost savings of having, for example, hips and/or knees treated alongside type 2 diabetes or another autoimmune condition, and/or the application of an anti-aging treatment protocol is a reasonable choice for most patients,” states Glenn C. Terry, M.D., founder and chief medical director of the GARM Clinic in Roatan.

Multiple revolutionary new treatment protocols utilizing autologous-sourced stem cell and biocellular medicine applications have been developed by GARM Clinic’s leaders:  internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon, Glenn C. Terry, M.D. and world leading stem cell expert and plastic surgeon, Robert W. Alexander, M.D.  The contributions made by the GARM Clinic and its leaders have cast “A Shining Light on the Horizon for Sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes”,  as noted in the Chicago Tribune’s online editorial on March 15, 2019. The article discusses some the benefits patients experience by having a type 2 diabetes treatment at the GARM Clinic, most notably, “[the treatment] is safer than the side effects of many medications prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes.”  For a summary of GARM Clinic patient-reported benefits from Type 2 Diabetes treatment listed in the Chicago Tribune article, click here.

Dr. Terry adds, “By the age of 55-64, 69.5% of people in the U.S. have one chronic disease state.  By retirement age, 85.6% of people have at least 1 chronic disease state. (1) If you are diagnosed with one chronic disease state, then the chances of developing another are higher. So, it really makes sense to address the current health issues by eliminating, if possible, the cause(s) of the disease state(s), thereby reversing the symptoms and the disease process itself, and then engaging in active prevention to help encourage optimal wellness for future years.”

What are some chronic disease states?  Various forms of arthritis such as osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, and post traumatic arthritis, autoimmune conditions, chronic neurologic conditions, type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, obesity, and COPD are some of the more common categories.  The good news is that most of the causes of these can be treated safely and effectively by GARM Clinic treatment protocols.

While most of GARM Clinic’s patients arrive for orthopedic and chronic pain related issues, a growing number of patients are making the most of their visit to the GARM Clinic by addressing chronic inflammatory processes, type 2 diabetes, and autoimmune issues as well. “We have a fair number of patients who, in addition to having arthritic joints addressed and treated, choose to also participate in an anti-aging protocol. Many patients who reduce or eliminate the discomfort of joint pain want to improve their activity levels.  So, it makes sense to try to give them every tool to enable that pursuit,” adds Dr. Terry.

When asked HOW the stem cell/regenerative medicine treatments work, Dr. Terry provides this analogy: 

Although PRP (platelet rich plasma) provides growth factors and cytokines that are beneficial, using PRP alone for regenerative medicine purposes is like attempting to build a brick wall with only mortar. Conversely, when adipose derived stem cells are combined with PRP in a biocellular mixture, exceptional healing/regenerative capability results. Thus, bricks and mortar will build a stronger wall.

For additional Q&A pertaining to autologous, customized stem cell treatments performed by Dr. Terry & the GARM Clinic Team, click here

In summary, YES, YOU CAN, take control of your health, increase your energy and activity, reduce or eliminate chronic disease states, and reduce or eliminate pain IN ONLY ONE TREATMENT PROCESS by contacting the GARM Clinic.

GARM Clinic

  • Customized Treatment Options: for each patient developed by Dr. Terry.
  • Focus: Dr. Terry and entire GARM Clinic team are focused on one patient at a time.
  • Experience and Skill: Years of knowledge and expertise are focused on one patient.  Dr. Terry directs all of his experience, skill, knowledge, and energy during a one-on-one situation with each patient.
  • Capability and Versatility: GARM Clinic’s multiple processing methods provide appropriate treatment options for almost everyone.
  • Substantial Stem Cell Counts: Provide patients with strong opportunities for healing.
  • Systemic Administration of Stem Cells: An IV preparation of isolated cells is an option that is selected by many patients in addition to targeted injections.
  • Location: The Island of Roatán is a beautiful tropical paradise that is a short 2-3 hour flight from many major cities in the U.S., Canada, and Central America.
  • Commitment to Excellence = Extraordinary Patient Outcomes

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